Boy With Down’s Syndrome Plays Saxophone At His Grandfather’s Funeral

Matt Lomaka is a young man with Down’s syndrome who loves playing the saxophone so much that he practices the instrument every day.

Matt shared a special relationship with his grandfather, who he lovingly called “G.” When Matt’s grandpa recently passed away, the boy decided to honor him with his saxophone in a truly beautiful way that has since gone viral.

Matt has had Down’s syndrome for his entire life, but he has never let this hold him back from doing the things that he loves, including mastering the saxophone. Matt has put lots of hard work into learning this instrument, and it shows in a big way in the video below.

When Matt performed alongside his grandpa’s casket at the funeral, his mother Tina decided to record him, saying that it was “a special goodbye from Matt. Not a dry eye.” She then posted the video to social media, where it quickly went viral and touched the hearts of people all over the world. Social media commenters described Matt’s performance as “beautiful” and “incredible.”

“The Heavens are singing along!” one user wrote, with a friend of the family adding, “Matt told me the only reason he brought his Sax was to play for his best buddy, G. He was a bit concerned, hoping that G could hear him!”

Check out his emotional tribute to his grandfather in the video below!